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DIY dollhouse

September 15, 2020

Diy dollhouse

As a mum of an 8 year old girl I got numerous requests to buy a dollhouse. The problem was I didn’t like the look of the plastic looking dollhouses I saw, and the ones we liked were too expensive..or too big to keep in her room. So finally, a few months ago, I decded to get creative and start making our own dollhose – room by room – that can be easily stored away and so doesn’t take a whole lot of space in her room.

I started off with some old gift/storage boxes that I had collected over a long time and were just gathering dust in the cupboards. The best thing about these boxes is that they close securely and can be stacked away.

This was obviously exciting for my daughter, because we were going to make a bespoke dollhouse! I wanted to make each room different. I have a crazy love for all things home décor and design so it’s secretly also a way for me to get my creativity out!

All the pieces of furniture and accessories were handmade mostly using basic household items and craft materials we already had. Who would have thought an old toothpaste lid could be turned into a plant pot or cooking pot? Almost anything and everything can be recycled into dollhouse furniture!

I have to admit that now I’m finding it hard to throw way anything and ive started holding on to all sorts of random items from packaging, to scrap pieces of fabric and well..started a pretty big collection of recyclable junk!

The rooms completed so far are the kitchen, living room and children’s bedroom/play room.When she’s done playing she can pack all the room items into its own box and store away until later.

The kitchen:

Complete with utensils, knife block, blender and even a dustbin!


The living room:

Check out those dining table chairs (made from disposable coffe cups!)

The bedroom/playroom:

This is my favourite room because you can really use lots of colour and fun in a kids playroom!

Last Eid ul Adha a local charity was collecting shoe boxes filled with toys to send to Syria, my daughter had an idea to make the shoe box into a mini dolhouse to send instead. So we made this simple dollhouse with pegdolls to go with it.


To see a step by step tutorial check out my story highlights on instagram here

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