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Ramadhan calendar

May 11, 2018

Yes we’ve all probably seen numerous Christmas Advent calendars floating around in stores during that time of the year, but a count-down advent calendar for Ramadhan is still not something many are familiar with.

I myself have only been doing this since last year and after seeing how successful and well appreciated it was in my family I can’t wait to make another one this year!
So let’s begin! Don’t worry it doesn’t require a million resources or an arts and crafts expert (trust me I’m far from that!) just have fun with it and feel free to personalise it for your family’s preference!
This is what you’ll need:
  • A large white sheet of card (in poster size)
  • Sticky glue dots or double sided tape
  • 30 small square coloured papers (or small coloured paper party bags)
  • Some decorative craft embellishments or stickers
  • A marker pen
  • Pencil
  • Stapler
  • Small blank party placement cards (or just cut up a sheet of plain card into small rectangles)
Start by rolling a square card into a tube (as large as it goes) and stapling where the ends meet in order to form a tube

Then press one end of the tube down
Fold that end over on its self and staple securely to make a mini pouch/pocket


Repeat for remaining 29 sheets
Stick the embellishments on the pouches using the glue dots or just decorate using stickers
At the top of the card write a title, simply “ramadhan calender”
Measure and divide the card into 5 horizontal rows, place 2 pouches on the top row either side of the title
Place 7 pouches on each of the remaining 4 rows
Once placed where you want them, mark lightly with a pencil then stick the pouches in their respective spots using the glue dots
Mark the pouches 1-30 
Now take the small cards and write the tasks for your little angels to do 

And that’s all! You’re all set to add treats and task/deed cards to your pouches. 
Treats can be as simple as a sweet/chocolate, small toy or stationary like an eraser, sharpener or mini colouring pencils. You could also buy a suprise goody bag which has an assortment of sweets/small toys or stickers that your child would enjoy. 
For the task/deed cards you can come up with anything you would like your child to do that day. If you are making the calendar for more than one child just add age specific tasks (and don’t forget to add enough treats for them all!)
Some ideas of tasks that I use
*Think of something Allah has given you and say thankyou
*Help make something nice for your neighbour and deliver it to them
*Find a toy to give in charity
*Learn a new dua today
*Help set the table for iftar today
*Remind everyone to say bismillah at iftar

Try it out this year and see how your children respond to it!

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